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Remotely is…

Remotely is an app for iPhone that connects to your home Mac and allows you to browse, search, open, download & share all of your files.

It's kind of like Dropbox, but your computer is the cloud, instead of Dropbox's servers.

It's free to try, which will limit access to your Documents folder. To unlock everything, it's $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

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Remotely is great because…

Dead simple setup
Most similar products require you to configure your local and network firewall in order to work. Sometimes this isn't possible (at your workplace, for instance, or otherwise behind a router you don't control). Remotely will find your Mac no matter what (as long as it's connected to the internet).

Access all of your files
Stop throwing everything into one folder that is disorganized and will run out of space. Access everything.

Spotlight-like search
Remotely searches your files by name, content & file type.

Your stuff on your servers
Your files never travel through a 3rd party server. Remotely establishes an encrypted, secure connection directly between your device and your Mac.

Remotely is made by…

We are an indie app company and call ourselves Graceful Made. Two folks in Portland, one in Houston

We made Here, File File back in the day to some success, but so many people had difficulty setting up their routers that we started completely over with the premise of "Can we connect to your computer without any hassle?"

Remotely is the result of the four year journey to answer that question.