How does Remotely work?

Remotely creates a secure direct connection between your device and your Mac. Once this connection is established, you may browse, open & download your desktop files from your mobile device.

Install the Remotely Helper app on your desktop and Remotely on your iPhone and they'll find each other like magic.

How much is it?

Remotely is free to download and use, but is limited to accessing your Documents folder. Remotely Pro allows access to all of your folders and is $2.99 a month, or $29.99 a year.

What is required?

Remotely requires a Mac running OS 10.10 and above, an iOS device running iOS 8 and above, and an iCloud account with iCloud Drive enabled.

To establish a connection, both devices need to be awake and connected to the internet via wifi or cellular data.

Why do I need an iCloud account?

Remotely uses the iCloud account system to make sure the device and the computer are owned by the same person. It uses this session to facilitate the connection and that's all. None of your files go through Apple's servers.

Is Remotely a cloud storage service?

Nope! We don't store or even have access to your files. The connection that is established is directly between your iPhone and your Mac with no prying eyes in between.

Is Remotely secure?

Absolutely. Your data channels are encrypted with DTLS; very similar to SSL, but over a different protocol. The exchange of metadata requried to establish the secure connection is done opaquely through Apple's CloudKit and is visible to no one but you.

I'm having trouble connecting, can you help?

Make sure your computer is online and awake. Apps like Amphetamine are great for this.

Sometimes the connection can hang (we are working on a fix for this), if this happens, hit the "x" in the top right of the screen to try the connection again.

Still having problems? Please email us!